The Laboratories

Our laboratories link Accademia with the origins of coffee’s raw ingredient. In the laboratories, raw coffee – coming directly from its production locations – is analyzed, roasted, evaluated and extracted using the best technology available today. The laboratories include regional cuisine cooking classes and ceramic workshops for creating cups and personalized objects.

Green Coffee Lab

A laboratory dedicated to selecting and analyzing raw coffees coming from the different producing countries

Roasting Lab

A laboratory equipped with large coffee roasting machines, provides samples and coffee selections to be used internally or commercially. This area is designed specifically for roasting education.

Sensory Lab

This area is dedicated to triangulation ‘cupping’ tests for the sensory analysis, focused on using a single sense for evaluating coffee. Equipped with environmental control and the possibility to be made completely dark.

Cupping Lab

Area dedicated to coffee tastings and sensory analyses of coffee.

Material Lab

A space devoted to personalizing and customizing coffee machines, in limited or bespoke edition. Special materials, unique finishes, advice for creating one-of-a-kind models, under the supervision of the head designer of Officine Fratelli Bambi.

Ceramics Lab

A unique workshop dedicated to creating a series of objects or one-of-a-kind pieces.

Culinary Lab

A fully equipped professional kitchen and laboratories devoted to the discovery of regional cuisines through personalized cooking classes.

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