Wine Tasting

40,00 Iva Esclusa

4 biodynamic interpretations of the most iconic Tuscany vineyards from small producers closely connected to their territories: Chianti, Bolgheri, Montalcino and Montepulciano.

Along the lines of our Coffee Tasting based on processing, this format wants to explore different winemaking approaches, accompanying sensory analysis with information about terroirs, and soils, alongside oenological and agronomic techniques.

An overview of the contemporary Italian wine market, facing new trends and challenges brought by climate change, guiding tradition towards the future.

  • Time / Durata : 1 hour
  • Class Type / Tipo Corso : Hands on / Pratico
  • * All experiences are in English, unless otherwise requested. / Tutte le experience sono tenute in lingua inglese, salvo richieste specifiche.