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Powered by the Accademia del Caffè Espresso, and conducted by its Head of Coffee Education, Nora Smahelova, we invite you to join in the exploration of the colorful world of coffee to uncover and enjoy, at your own pace and order, the A-Z of espresso from any device around the world, for 1 full year!

We’ve structured an enlightening course consisting of 15 modules, designed for coffee enthusiasts, novices, and professionals alike, to engage with you in the (re)discovery of espresso, from its birthplace in Italy all the way to its universal cradle, the cup, while unveiling names, nations, notes, and nuances of what is known to be one of the oldest, and second traded commodity, around the world: coffee.

What can you expect?

Over 5 hours of learning material filmed in the beautiful and multifunctional spaces of Accademia del Caffè Espresso – divided into 16 chapters, including an introductory note and conclusion.

0- Introduction
1- Espresso. What is it?
2- Coffee. The taste decision-maker
3- Sophistication of coffee
4- Water. Importance of water quality
5- Setup. What do you need to make espresso?
6- Compressing coffee
7- Extraction parameters: Time
8- Extraction parameters: Temperature
9- Extraction parameters: Brew ratio
10- Pressure profiles
11- The perfect shot / Godshot
12- Cleaning / Maintenance
13- Milk
14- Latte Art
15- Role of a barista
16- Final thanks

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