“The Officine”, once upon a time

For everyone else it was “La Marzocco”, but for staff working there it was “the Officine”, or Officine Fratelli Bambi.

Built in 1960 based on a project by the architect Aladino Bini.

The land on which the building stands was purchased, together with a private home, for 22 million Italian lire, the currency at that time.

Construction costs soared from the initial 66 to 90 million lire.

Production was divided into two sections: the mechanical workshop (where espresso coffee machines and other La Marzocco products were manufactured), and the carpentry where “master carpenters” made, from sections of  trunk to the finish, furnishings for cafes and restaurants.

The principal materials for construction were concrete, glass, red klinker brick, and iron.

The colors chosen for the walls were green, yellow, and blue for curtains.

The doors, in wood and frosted glass, featured the lion frieze and the initials B (Bambi) and M (Marzocco).

All furnishings of the factory itself were made internally.

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