Mission and values

Accademia del caffè espresso

Nestled among the hills which encompass Florence, overlooking its picturesque Renaissance landscape, lies a marvelous example of industrial architecture restored to its former glory. This building is home to Accademia del Caffè Espresso. A visionary project, Accademia was born from what was once the old factory of La Marzocco, or “The Workshop” as its workers called it. Inside these walls a small group of brilliant craftsmen changed the world’s understanding of espresso machine mechanics through innovation. Deeply knowledgeable about the technology tied to the coffee extraction processes and passionate about crafting machines by hand, Accademia del Caffè Espresso became the birthplace for industry leading technology.

Today Accademia is an open and shared space, attracting visitors to generate passion and expertise on the all-Italian and now global ritual of espresso.
Inside Accademia, visitors can engage with interactive displays, showcasing decades of research – to develop an understanding behind the importance of using raw materials and a skilled approach to coffee’s roasting and extraction process.

In addition to welcoming visitors, Accademia is currently home to agronomists working on research projects in collaboration with universities, engineers focused on developing prototypes and one-of-a-kind espresso machines, baristas, chefs, and communications professionals.

The Mission

Preserving and promoting espresso coffee culture by increasing its appreciation and relevance on a global scale. 

The Manifesto

is a place of passion, competence, and popularization of espresso coffee culture
inspires and enriches our knowledge of espresso coffee by interacting with every element of the production chain
believes in the value of diversity
focuses on sustainability as an indispensable value and daily action
promotes integration as the backbone of its culture
shares its system of values with La Marzocco
operates with a practical approach of exchanging dialogue and interactions to enrich personal relationships, and encourage the art of living well.

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