Research and Sustainability


The grand topic of coffee; its cultivation, history, correct roasting method and extraction techniques are filled with scientific themes.
Values of environmentalism and social sustainability that are tied to a commodity – often produced far away in extreme conditions – inspire our team to continue researching for systems and methods that can protect coffee from climate change and contribute to better the living and working conditions of all people reliant on its production.

Accademia strives to be a point of reference for studies, research and deepening knowledge, creating an ideal bridge connecting producers and consumers as its ultimate target, building a virtuous and sustainable system benefitting every element of the sector.



Accademia is driven by a rigorous approach towards sustainability. Starting from the daily activities, each action is taken employing a number of “good practices” intended to reduce and contain the impact on the climate; the practices are continuously assessed and kept up to date. Sustainability is also considered from a social point of view, knowing that the object of our passions and studies, coffee, even being one of the most environment-friendly, still has important issues regarding social disparity between producing and consuming countries. Accademia is working to maintain a relationship between these two geographical “extremes” of coffee, looking to reduce this gap and to create an equal “coffee ecosystem”, sustainable from both a social and environmental point of view.


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