The Accademia Exclusive Event took place October 25th, after 2 years of long-distance video-calls the La Marzocco global family was reunited, a momentous and special day. Branch colleagues and distributors came together at the Accademia del Caffè Espresso for connection, coffee, and celebration.

For one guest, the day was a dream come true. Henk Langkemper from ESW, La Marzocco’s Dutch distributor and long-time friend unwrapped his bespoke Officine Fratelli Bambi GS3.

The Officine Fratelli Bambi (OFB) workshop resides in the historic factory of La Marzocco, which today is the Accademia del Caffè Espresso. Embodying a fine mix of modern technology and traditional skill, the Officine (Italian for workshop) creates one of a kind espresso machines the way La Marzocco’s founders did. By hand, with delicate and passionate craftsmanship.

The craftspeople responsible for Henk’s GS3 are Lorenzo Carcasci and Lorenzo Santoni. They hand-cut, bend, weld, polish and finish panels and components of all OFB creations. This GS3 is truly a unique machine.

It’s the very first machine designed and produced by Officine Fratelli Bambi. A machine that saw the light last year, way before the launch of OFB and way before a fully developed Officine Fratelli Bambi would be built. Further, it was even before the workshop and project had a name, Officine Fratelli Bambi.

The machine has a unique emblem, the Accademia logo. All machines now created at the OFB carry a OFB official logo. Most importantly, Stefano Della Pietra (Head Designer) worked side by side with Piero Bambi in creating the design of this machine. This GS3 is the last machine that Stefano and Piero designed together. Holding thus an extremely special place in our hearts. Piero Bambi passed last year, laying a foundation and leaving a legacy to us all.

Henk came to know about this machine during his visit to Florence last March. He rode his bicycle over 1300 kilometers from The Hague, Netherlands to Milan, Italy and later, reaching the Accademia near Florence, Italy.

He saw the machine sitting behind a glass display in Accademia’s Grand Bar, and curious, asked about its history and details. When he understood its special connection to Piero, he immediately purchased it. Henk had a meaningful friendship with Piero, valuing that this GS3 was Piero’s last project, and was created in the town that Piero grew up in, worked in, and now, is put to rest in.

Henk has an impressive espresso machine collection and is known around the world as one of the largest collectors of vintage espresso machines. He hunts for rarities with a passion.

This OFB GS3 joins Henk’s wide espresso machine collection, though holding a very special place and value.

“The number one machine in my life. An Officine Fratelli Bambi project, an one-off model and the first machine produced in Pian di San Bartolo.

This machine is so special. Piero Bambi worked on this machine with Stefano Della Pietra. This machine has been left “untouched” since Piero left us.  I am so proud I could have this machine I can’t describe how I feel.

Piero was a very special person to me and we talked a lot about all kind of things, but especially about La Marzocco’s history. Grazie Piero. Grazie La Marzocco.”

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