Coffee Plantation Trips

A trip to discover the origins of coffee, and learn more about varieties, cultivation, harvesting and processing.

Copan, Honduras

Discover the lush coffee plantations of Santa Bárbara, Corquin and Copán in Honduras! Explore the picturesque landscapes as you learn about the art of cultivating and harvesting coffee beans from local farmers. Learn how Honduran coffee farms blend ancient techniques with state-of-the-art technology.


November 1-9 2023

8 days, 7 nights


  • Visits to 4 coffee plantations
  • Visit to cigar factory and cacao plantation
  • Visit to Mayan ruins


Starting at 3500$/person.


  • Flights from/to Rome
  • Transfers
  • Hotel & Full Board


Information & Registration


Day 1

Arrival at the San Pedro Sula International Airport 

We’ll hold a meet and greet at the airport, and then grab breakfast at a local café. Then the group will visit IHCAFÉ’s regionally recognized Coffee Quality Control Lab. The we’ll get lunch and travel to Santa Bárbara and get dinner at a local restaurant. 

Day 2

After breakfast, we’ll join IHCAFÉ and tour nurseries and the Roya Laboratory. Lunch and dinner will both be served at local restaurants. 

Day 3

The group will travel to Corquín and have lunch on the way. Then we’ll visit Finca Montecristo and have dinner in a local restaurant. 

Day 4

We’ll take part in activities and programs planned by IHCAFÉ, including a tour of CICJAS and a visit to Finca Terrerito. 

Day 5

After eating breakfast, well make our way to Santa Rosa for more visits arranged by IHCAFÉ. These will include a tour of the Capucas Cooperative and SCA Campus. 

Day 6

We’ll have an early breakfast and start driving to Copán Ruinas, where we’ll make a stop at the cigar factory. On the way, we’ll take a coffee tour Finca Santa Isabel and have lunch. 

Day 7

After breakfast, the group will visit the Copán Archeological Site, the Hieroglyphic Staircase, the Plaza de las Estelas, and the Museum of Sculptures. After having lunch at a local restaurant, we’ll finish the final leg of our journey and return to San Pedro Sula. On the drive, we’ll visit the XOL Chocolate Factory. 

Day 8

After an early breakfast, we’ll say our goodbyes and travel to the airport for departure. 

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