The Museum

Accademia’s exhibition area is a spectacular, interactive, and informative journey through the complex and diverse world of espresso coffee.
Elements of history, technology, botany, agronomy are hidden inside every cup, along with implications tied to the social and environmental sustainability of the coffee plant. The visitor’s sense of touch, sight and taste alternate in an experience suitable for all ages.

Back in time, once upon a bar

A typical Italian cafè from the Sixties. The counter, the vintage bottles, an original La Marzocco GS and even a payphone. The historical bar brings you back in time, to a 60’s espresso experience. Even the espresso blend was created following the style and tastes of the time.

The espresso machine: design, craftsmanship and engineering

Discover all its secrets, from the inside.
Learn about our successful inventions and failures, which have led to decades of innovation and improvements that have benefited the barista’s craft.
Creating a perfect espresso is a complex alchemy that cannot be separated from man’s intervention and the machine’s execution.

La Marzocco: evolving DNA

Espresso and its evolution over time, seen through the story of a small artisan company which has now become synonymous for quality espresso on a global scale.
Explore the ideas and designs behind espresso, from its origins to its latest innovations.
Follow the timeline and travel through time.

Coffee: the commodity

A voyage around the world discovering where coffee comes from.
Discover who makes it and what systems are used. Learn about the environment it’s cultivated in and the resources used to do so.
Visit our listening pods to hear from the producers themselves, as they tell us about their daily struggles, the challenges deriving from climate change and what it takes to create an excellent raw product.

The coffee greenhouse: the plant, the ecosystem

Visit our indoor plantation to understand how a coffee tree grows in a functioning ecosystem and learn about the science behind the agricultural process.

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